The 4 Step Process my clients use to HEAL THEMSELVES from Grief, Pain, and Heartache after becoming a widow   

(without forgetting about the love of their life and the love they shared together) 


FLOW Transformational Grief Release Program

FLOW is the gateway most widows spend their entire lives searching for that rapidly unlocks your grief, pain and heartache

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 Academy of Transformational

Grief Coaching

Turn your grief and loss setbacks into success and become a FLOW Certified Grief Coach supporting others through their heartache.

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Join our FLOW Beyond Grief Inner Circle

A place for when your entire world has been turned upside down, to release, heal and grow in a community of people who "get it". 

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The FLOW Program 

FLOW is an 8-week interactive online program I created after my husband Maarten passed away to heal my grief and heartache.  The FLOW Method. is a unique method that works fast (Feel, Let go, Overcome, become Whole).

Over the 8 weeks, you uncover layer by layer what’s keeping you stuck in your grief, why you sometimes feel guilty and angry, why your emotions swing from depression, overwhelmed, sadness, back to happiness, peace, and laughter, and then back to depression.  Your healing journey begins with you rediscovering who you are without your life partner and learning to love yourself on an inner core level. 

Grief doesn't heal, YOU do!

Together we create a brand new life, so you become the best version of yourself with confidence, purpose and JOY.

If you are committed to healing and growing beyond your grief and pain sooner rather than later, let's talk. I have a few limited spots available in my diary but do it now as I often have no appointments left. 

It's a free call and I will only invite you into my program if I know you'll be committed, resourceful and coachable. I provide proven world-class tools, hold your hand, hold you accountable and you transform to become successful and achieve outstanding results!

So, it's a partnership! If we aren't a fit to work together, that's cool, you'll still get massive value and some real clarity from the call that will help you regardless.

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Become a Certified FLOW Method Transformational Grief Coach 

Grief coaching is a flexible home-based business. Your client sessions are usually conducted online or by phone. You can work either full-time or part-time. You will learn how to coach your clients in person, over the phone, Skype, or Zoom. Your clients could be anywhere in the world, which gives you the freedom to travel and still coach your clients online or on the phone.

 You will learn

  • Foundation skills for new grief coaches
  • Advanced Coaching Skills for grief coaches using NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming techniques that enable rapid transformation for your clients
  • The business side of Coaching, how to monetize your grief coaching skills and have a 6 figure grief coaching business while changing and transforming lives.

This is a life-changing program 

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one and you feel the call to help others heal their grief rapidly, let's talk. I have a few limited spots available in my diary but do it now as there's only one of me and I often have no appointments left. 

I’m looking forward to any questions you may have and of course, helping you change lives and become an outstanding FLOW method, Transformational Grief Coach.
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Grief Healing Retreats


Just imagine stepping into your power surrounded by a group of incredible soul sisters relaxing into an exotic location around the world, while soaking up some sun and soul care ..... Ahhhhh!

If so, come and join us for one of our 5-day soul-nurturing, grief healing retreats as you release your grief, regain your purpose, drop your mask and step out of your grief journey into your joy journey. 

Our Retreats have been suspended due to covid-19 and will resume soon.  To be placed on our waiting list so you'll be first to know when our next retreat is, complete the form below.

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What Others Say


Three months after Tim passed away, I desperately felt that I needed to move on with my life.  I could not stand the thought of living in the pain I was feeling for a year or two or 15. On one really bad day I sent Denise a Private Message saying “I don’t think I can do this anymore, I am lost” she was on the phone with me in 5 minutes. When you join her program – you kind of get her for life. I loved my time in Phuket Thailand with her and the other ladies at the Widows Grief Release Retreat– it was a wonderful time and I took another huge healing step forward there.

I do not believe for a moment that my life would be coming back together this well and this quickly without Denise’s program and support. 


I just wanted to find my way home without relying on my GPS to get me home, I was so lost, and then Covid....  I had been struggling to move forward and I knew I didn't want to stay in the fog not even knowing how to get home for longer than I had to. 

There is no way I would be where I am today without Denise, her program, her one on one phone calls, and our weekly Zoom meetings with wonderful ladies that understand the journey.  

The FLOW method is well worth the investment.  I have found me!



After my husband committed suicide I learned he’d been having affairs for over a decade. He left me with no home, no job, no money, and no idea who I was anymore. There were times when I thought my life was over.

I worked with numerous therapists, mindset and grief coaches, who were unable to move me through my grief and anger.  Then I found Denise,  who is truly amazing, I credit Denise with getting me out of my depression. I was regularly spending most of the day in bed before I started working with her. Within the first week we worked together, I achieved something I was putting off for years, I faced my biggest fear, I cleared out the storage shed of all the old painful memories and my husband’s business paperwork!   

I am forever grateful for taking a chance and trusting that Denise could help me move through my grief quickly.  Without Denise’s support and guidance, I would not be living the life I am now. Life is so different now.


I was so angry with what I discovered about my husband after he died, and I knew I had to heal myself and move forward with my life so that I could grieve beyond my anger and not become bitter and stuck in my pain and betrayal.  I started the FLOW program 4 weeks after he died. 

I am a grateful graduate of Denise’s FLOW program, and I will forever be thankful for her guidance in rebuilding my life. This was the best investment I have ever made!


I came across Denise’s invitation to contact her and the rest of my story is wonderful.  I’ve found a place for my disbelief and heartache, fantastic deep thinking learning about myself and what my new life situation is opening up to. I’m am now able to share my journey with its ups and downs and be authentic and vulnerable. I have deep gratitude for the years my husband and I had together and have found a place to hold my memories.

I AM SO GRATEFUL to have found this awesome program…which has transformed me and my life. I’d encourage you to check this out…..thank you, Denise!


At first, I was skeptical about Denise and her program as it was only 3 MONTHS after my husband died and certainly didn’t want to keep feeling the way I was for years to come. Everything I was reading was telling me that these awful feelings would be with me for a  long time which I certainly did not want.

With help from Denise and her  FLOW program I started to see my mindset changing within the very first week of us working together, I started to live again, I found my purpose and I found ME.


I knew 9 months after my husband's death that I was going down the rabbit hole of depression.   I knew I couldn't continue to live like this, I wanted a life and I wanted to really be happy again.
I invested in Denise's FLOW program and my life changed rapidly.  I am no longer stuck.  I have grown as a woman able to takes trips to the mountains and doing things that make me happy for the first time in my life.  Without Denise and the FLOW program, my outcome could have been deadly.


Without Denise her FLOW method and program I’m really not sure how I would have made sense of my grief.  Having Denise support and help me through my grief journey and being able to connect with like-minded people traveling the same road, expressing the same pain and loss,  has helped me understand my emotions and the choices I make.


A huge thank you to Denise and her FLOW program.  I was stuck in my grief and now I'm on my way to my joy journey.I know that I can move forward with my life with joy and purpose.

If you need help, please give Denise a call and book your free breakthrough session with her.  She is amazing!

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